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When considering an engagement ring or other diamond purchases, ethical concerns are on the minds of many eco-conscious consumers. In the process of being ethically aware and socially responsible, many consumers are surprised to find that there is a wide selection of lab grown diamonds for sale which possess significant benefits when compared to natural diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds, often called synthetic or man-made diamonds, offer numerous favorable characteristics that appeal to eco-conscious consumers. First and foremost, lab grown diamonds are grown in controlled conditions, eliminating the environmental, social, and economic issues associated with mining diamonds from the Earth. Additionally, they usually cost 20-30% less than their natural counterparts, which appeals to cost-conscious consumers.

Lab grown diamonds are virtually identical to naturally occurring diamonds and possess the same physical, chemical, and optical properties that make a diamond so desirable in the first place. These diamonds must pass the same industry standards that exist for natural comprehensive diamon (4 C’s). While traditionally mined diamonds can take a long time to reach the market, lab grown diamonds are available almost immediately after production.

Concerns about the ethical implications of diamonds have left some consumers searching for an alternative that allows them to purchase diamond jewelry with a clear conscience. Lab grown diamonds offer an ethical and affordable option that does not compromise quality and characteristics of naturally occurring diamonds. Consumers should consult with a trusted diamond expert to make sure they are selecting the perfect diamond for their needs.

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